ISPD Toolkits

The Institute for School and Parish Development (ISPD) is excited to announce our brand-new Catholic School and Parish Development Toolkits. There are eight practical, ready-to-use processes in each of the three toolkits. Each one is a newly-released 45—50-minute video presented by Frank Donaldson, president of ISPD. With each process presented, recipients will receive the link to the video (with password), a copy of the PowerPoint presentation, and the handout materials that go along with that specific process.

These toolkits are tailor-made for pastors, presidents, principals, development—advancement–stewardship officers, enrollment management and admissions directors, board and council members, and faculty/staff who work with the Operational Vitality efforts of any Catholic school and/or parish. The focus is for Catholic leaders to understand each process (tool) and then be able to immediately implement.

With the first set of toolkits ISPD is releasing, there are two toolkits for Catholic schools and one toolkit for Catholic parishes. The ISPD Toolkits focus on eight areas of parish and school development/stewardship:

  • Constituent Records (Database)
  • Communications
  • Enrollment Management
  • Fund Development
    • Annual Fund
    • Capital Campaign
    • Planned Giving
    • Endowment Growth
    • Memorial Giving
    • Major Gift Portfolios
  • Alumni(ae) Involvement
  • Fund/Friend-Raising Events
  • Total Stewardship
  • People Engagement
  1. PROCESS # 1: How to bring to action the 10 Traits every Successful Development-Advancement Director should have
  2. PROCESS # 2: How to “talk the talk and walk the walk” – Using correct Development/Advancement language
  3. PROCESS # 3: How to educate the leadership groups (board, council, faculty/staff, parent leaders, alum leaders, student leaders, etc.) on the fact that Enrollment Management is EVERYONE’S responsibility
  4. PROCESS # 4: What to present and how to educate your Catholic school leadership groups (faculty/staff, boards/councils, parent leaders, student leaders, and alum leaders) on the meaning and importance of a vibrant Development/Advancement system
  5. PROCESS # 5: How to identify, invite, and engage your Development/Advancement Core Team
  6. PROCESS # 6: How to create your WOW and your Catholic school’s Top 10 Selling Points by engaging the leadership groups in your school
  7. PROCESS # 7: How to put into place “tried and true” methods/steps of engaging people and building Development/Advancement/Enrollment Management teams
  8. PROCESS # 8: How to conduct surveys and input sessions (especially the Ultimate Question Survey) + how to evaluate, use, and communicate the results.
  1. PROCESS # 1: How to personally invite (“eyeball to eyeball”) major donors to financially invest in your Catholic school
  2. PROCESS # 2: How to host a successful Open House and Back to School Night
  3. PROCESS # 3: How to educate your Catholic school parents on the GAP between tuition and what it really cost to operate a Catholic school
  4. PROCESS # 4: Ten steps on how to organize and establish a successful alumni(ae) effort in your Catholic school
  5. PROCESS # 5: How to check the progress of your Annual Fund and prepare for the final push for the last 90 days
  6. PROCESS # 6: How to establish a National Advisory Council/Board for your Catholic school
  7. PROCESS # 7: How to assess and evaluate the success of your Development/Advancement efforts — a checklist for those who are working in Development/Advancement in your Catholic school
  8. PROCESS # 8: Too many fund-raisers? How to create a Master Plan for ALL Fund-Raising  Events in Your Catholic school
  1. PROCESS # 1: How to communicate the importance of Catholic Parish Development/Stewardship and its value to creating and sustaining a vibrant parish
  2. PROCESS # 2: How to assess your Catholic parish’s development/stewardship efforts
  3. PROCESS # 3: How to affirm, welcome, and engage (AWE) people in your Catholic parish
  4. PROCESS # 4: How to create the best organizational structure for Catholic Parish Development/Stewardship to thrive
  5. PROCESS # 5: Create the Parish Development Core Team – how to identify, invite, and conduct the first meeting
  6. PROCESS # 6: How to successfully seek input from your parishioners
  7. PROCESS # 7: How to annually assess the ministries of your parish
  8. PROCESS # 8: How to better welcome new parish families in your parish


  • One Toolkit (8 processes): $375.00
  • Group of 4 processes from any Toolkit: $195.00