We are the Institute for School & Parish Development

The Institute for School and Parish Development (ISPD) is a national development consulting, coaching, and educational firm working exclusively with Catholic institutions. We serve Catholic schools, parishes, and dioceses by helping them create and establish effective processes that engage people and invite resources in order to make the mission and vision come alive. We invite you to explore our services/offerings and schedule a conversation to discover how we can best serve you.
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"Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes."

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes.” The hit song by the late Jimmy Buffett provides such an appropriate theme for this year’s ISPD Development School. Today, there are many changes and innovations taking place in this world of development–advancement, enrollment management, and stewardship (the Operational Vitality domain). Making sure your “latitude” (freedom to choose the best direction), and your “attitude” (receptiveness to new ideas, best practices, and innovative vision) are in synch can mean the difference between prevailing or just surviving. In celebration of ISPD’s 35th anniversary in June 2024, this year’s Development School has two major components: Day 1 for Catholic Elementary School Principals and Administrators and Days 2-3 for all principals, presidents, pastors, superintendents, associate superintendents, development/advancement directors, board members, enrollment management/admissions directors, faculty/staff, and more.

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10 Ways ISPD Serves You


We Are Catholic.

We work exclusively with Catholic schools, parishes, and (arch) dioceses. Our consultants and coaches are Catholic leaders with over 200 years of combined experience in development/advancement.

Our Mission Is Dynamic.

ISPD Mission: Through consulting, coaching, and educating, we bring people, process, and ministry together to help build the Kingdom of God.

We Engage People.

In our consulting, coaching, and teaching processes, we show you how to meaningfully engage people in order to grow your mission and vision.

We Have 34+ Years of Nationwide Experience.

We are proud of our proven track record of successful partnerships with hundreds of Catholic schools, parishes, and (arch) dioceses throughout the country.

We Are Objective.

We guide you through your challenges, help create strategic solutions, and offer best practices in order to support and integrate your vision, mission, and core values.

We Consult On-line, On-site, or Hybrid.

Our Assessment, Strategic Planning, Enrollment Management, Capital Campaign, and Total Stewardship processes are fine-tuned for success.

We Coach On-line.

With our coaching processes, we work with development/enrollment management teams and Catholic leaders in schools, parishes, and (arch) dioceses.

We Teach On-line.

In partnership with the University of Dayton’s Institute for Pastoral Initiatives, each semester we teach on—line/for-credit courses in Catholic school and parish development.

We Are Affordable.

Our on-line coaching has different pricing plans; our consulting processes have excellent discounts; our on-line courses are a bargain; our new on-line store is now open.

We Encourage All to Move ``Beyond Mediocrity.``

ISPD encourages, motivates, and guides our Catholic clients to move “beyond mediocrity” and adapt to change.