Educational Resources

In 1989 when ISPD was formed, a great deal of time was spent discovering what to name the company. After weeks of discussion, we obviously settled on Institute of School and Parish Development which was later shortened to ISPD. The defining word in our name is institute. According to Webster Dictionary: 1. An organization for the promotion of a cause; 2. An educational institution; 3. (Plural) A collection of principles and precepts.

Through consulting, coaching, and educational services, ISPD teaches. Every associate who works with the company (part-time or full-time) is a present or former Catholic school and/or parish teacher. Therefore, it is by design that our catalog of Educational Services is vast.

  • University of Dayton’s Institute for Pastoral Initiatives and ISPD’s On-Line Semester Courses (for CEUs) in Development/Advancement and Enrollment Management
  • 8 Classes per Course
    • For Catholic Schools and Parishes

Below is a list of past recorded webinars. Webinars can be purchased at

  • Ambassadors for the Brand
  • Annual Fund—Part I
  • Annual Fund—Part II
  • Balance Your Catholic School Budget
  • Belonging Leads to Believing
  • Creating the Strategic Plan for Development/Advancement
  • Engaging More People
  • Establishing a Customer Service Culture
  • Establishing the Infrastructure for Catholic School Development
  • Evaluating Your Development/Advancement Efforts
  • How Do We Solve the Crisis of Funding Our Catholic Schools?
  • “Guarded Kingdoms” and How to Avoid Them
  • Hosting a Successful Back to School Night at Your Catholic School
  • Introduction to True Catholic Development
  • Inviting Financial Gifts
  • Is Your Catholic School Ready for a Capital Campaign?
  • Phone-a-thons: Effective or Not?
  • Pipelining to Your People
  • Role of the Development Core Team
  • The Process of Parish Long-Range Planning
  • The Role of the Board in Marketing and Development
  • Top 10 Catholic School Development/Marketing Strategies
  • Organizing and Implementing the Total Stewardship Process
  • Understanding and Implementing True Catholic Development